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*Origin of KDS : Kuhara Denki Seisakusho
Starting business from roll heating equipment for spinning industry.

June, 1937. Factory was moved to MITSUYA, YODOGAWA-KU, OSAKA.
Changed name KUHARA SEISAKUSHO adding new business as manufacturing electric parts for electric car and mining industry.
January, 1950. Established KUHARA SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. with the capital of J.YEN:500,000.-.
Move to Head office and factory to the present place.

March, 1957. Extend factory.
Adding new business as manufacturing and selling for wire enamelling machine.

Former main factory left side and machine factory.
April, 1963. Increased the capital to J.YEN:12,000,000.-. Established new assembly factory. Adding new business as manufacturing equipment for Laminate film, P & PP film, Monofilament and Zipper.

February, 1967. Exported Vertical type Wire Enamelling machine.

August, 1967. Established new factory in KAJIHARA, TAKATSUKI, OSAKA. Exported Horizontal type Wire Enamelling machine.

June, 1968. Increased new assembly factory for Vertical type Enamelling machine in TAKATSUKI site. Starting manufacturing torque motor and mass producing for Single shaft type & Dual shafts turret type wind-up unit in main factory.

December, 1971. Increased the capital to J.YEN:25,000,000.-.
Accomplished NON DEBT management.

Developed Vertical type Wind-up machine for large size and Varnish circulation tank with Automatic viscosity control system.

Stopped drawing a promissory note since 1975.

Developed "AH" Hot air re-circulation type and various "HE" Heat exchanger type Horizontal high speed enamelling machines.
Developed "TAS" Horizontal turret type automatic bobbin exchnger Wind-up machine.
August, 1984. Increased new assembly factory (1100㎡) in TAKATSUKI site.

August, 1985. Constructed new office building(3 storey) in TAKATSUKI site.
Introducing CAD system at technical section.

January, 1986. Pursue the dream ! Stag beetle for our company image!

February, 1986. Developed "SFW" type Super fine wire Horizontal high speed enamelling machine.

December, 1986 Developed Automatic over all diameter(File thickness) controlling device.

March, 1988. Developed "TASV" Vertical turret type bobbin excheger Automatic Wind-up machine.

December, 1988
Constructed new office/factory building(3 storey) in OSAKA site.
Equipped machining centre, NC lathe and various NC machine tools in OSAKA machine factory.
Equipped automatic conveyance warehouse in TAKATSUKI assembly factory.

November, 1993. Developed "AHI" Hot air re-circulation & Heat exchange type Horizontal ultra high speed enamelling machine.

February, 1995. Constructed third factory(2 storey) in TAKATSUKI site.

July, 1998. Developed "TASV25" Vertical turret type Automatic bobbin exchanger Wind-up machine with automatic handling device.

January, 2000. 50th anniversary of company's establishment.

May, 2000. Developed Take & Wind-up machine for Alloy wire.

July, 2001. Starting to develop machine for precise Flat Wire equipments.

November, 2001.

Developed "TAS" Bobbin traverse type Wind-up machine for fine wire size.
Developed Rolling mill machine with Feeding device.

February, 2002.

Certified ISO9001:2000 / JIS Q9001:2000.
Developed Rolling mill machine with annealer.

March, 2002. Established NAGANO OFFICE in UEDA NAGANO.

July, 2002.

.Developed Precise Flat Wire Enamelling machine. HE3400 type.

November, 2002. Exhibit at WIRE ASIA 2002 (SHANGHAI, CHINA)

January, 2003.

Developed "EWR" Edge wise type coil coiling machine.
Developed "EWE" Edge wise type coil coiling machine.

February, 2003.

Developed "FW α-22" α type coil coiling machine.
Developed Constant temperature bath for coil bonding.

May, 2003. Developed "TASV25/3 shafts" Vertical turret type automatic bobbin exchanger Wind-up machine.

June, 2003.

Developed "TAS" Bobbin traverse type Wind-up machine for large wire size.
Developed Precise Flat Wire Enamelling machine for large wire size. HE4000 type.

July, 2003

Developed "EWRS" Few wind Edge wise type coil coiling machine.
Developed "EWEL" Large-size Edge wise type coil coiling machine.

August, 2003.

Developed "FW α-60" Large-sizeα type coil coiling machine.
Developed "FW α-N" Multi numberα type coil coiling machine.

October, 2003.

Continuing to develop new equipments for Wire Enamelling and machine for various electric wire.

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