Round bobbinless type edge-wise coiling machine

Round bobbinless type edge-wise coiling machine
coil samples


1. Compact design for space saving.
2. Beautifully coiled shape.
3. Stable electric characteristics ensured by high quality coils produced.
4. Takt time: 35 sec/coil (for 150 windings)

Item File Size

Model EWR
Applicable wire diameter range φ0.3-0.8 mm (rolling ratio 1:8-1:12)
Coil length (Max) 70mm
Takt time abt. 40-60 sec/coil (with 250 windings)
Winding method Spindle method
Spindle diameter φ2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 mm
Spindle rotating speed 20 r/s (max.)
Number of control axes 4-axis servo motor (200 W)
Control method Special controller of touch panel type
Tensioning method Dancer-controlled constant-force tensioning
Power source AC200V - 220V, 60 Hz (50 Hz), 3-phase
Electric capacity abt. 1 kW
Dimensions 1200 mm (W)×600 mm (D)×1550 mm (H)

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